About Neon

I always try to dress what I am.

I believe in appropriation, because we have to make use of our resources to solve problems. Appropriation is a way of giving credit, of honoring those that were before us and managed to inspire us.

My pieces are a reflection of myself, of my attitude regarding my circumstances. They are a mirror of my inner child –the one that doesn’t mind criticism, rejection, or disapproval. I paint confidently and without fear.



Jaime Shelley aka Neon Caron (Mexico City, 1984) studied Digital Media in Centro after a successful career as an entrepreneur. He started his work as a self-taught artist in 2011, and has experimented with painting and the plastic languages of urban art such as graffiti and stencil.

Caron’s studies in Digital Media influenced his artistic practice, urging him to explore new forms of communication like Augmented Reality. An app he created and developed that accompanies the majority of his pieces, placing his work in a new horizon where painting and technology meet.

After two years of development, the approval of the app by Apple was attained, making the Augmented Reality app downloadable and free at the App Store and Google Apps.

Among his exhibits are multiple participations in the Ethos Salon and solo exhibits such as No todo es lo que parece (Not Everything is What it Seems) and Volvernos Virales (To Become Viral). He has made several interventions in public places as part of the project Chilangos Chingones in the Chapultepec Forest and in private spaces such as the Malaquita Terrace in Mexico City.

Neon’s work has reached places like Miami as part of the Mex/Art project at the Be/Art Gallery and at Art House Holland in Leiderdrop, Holland where he completed a residency program.